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Alter do Chão is a small town of Roman origin, located in the heart of Alto Alentejo, a mere 13 kilometres from Crato. Founded under the name of Elteri in 204 A.D., it was brought down by emperor Adrian after the population accused him of disloyalty.

The Renaissance marbles and beautiful town houses that may be observed in this town bear evidence to its prosperity during the textile years in the 16th century.

At a distance of 4 kilometres northwest from Alter do Chão, it is possible to find the Alter Stud Farm, founded in 1748 by King João V of the House of Bragança and surrounded by 300 hectares of land. Yearning for horses of the Lusitanian breed, the king imported mares from Andalusia; it was in this Stud Farm that Lusitanian horses were bred for the Royal Riding School.
Located 12 kilometres to the west, the Vila Formosa Roman bridge is a robust construction that crosses the Seda river.

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