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Páteo Real
Alter do Chão

Av. Dr. João Pestana, 37 - Alter do Chão
Tel.: +351 245 612 301
Closes on Tuesdays
Average price: €15


With a sober decoration, it offers a cosy environment and an efficient service. During the warm summer days the restaurant extends into a broad square.


Rolo Grelhados do Norte Alentejano
Cabeço de Vide

Sítio da Estação - Cabeço de Vide
Tel.: +351 245 638 030
Open everyday
Average Price: €25


In this cosy space, you have two choices when it comes to tasting Alto Alentejo dishes: you either choose the fixed Menu, based on grilled dishes, or you choose “self-service", with over 30 plates, including cheeses and meats at your choice, traditional tidbits, one grilled dish at your choice, dessert, and house wine or similar – all included in the price.



Rua do Atalaião Velho, 8 - Portalegre
Tel.: +351 245 201 402
Closes on Thursdays
Average Price: €15


Felício Florentino’s aromatic Kitchen opened 12 years ago in Portalegre and has ever since, served some good and inspired traditional dishes where meat (pork and cow) plays a central role.


Tomba Lobos

Pedra Basta, Lote 16, R/C - Portalegre
Tel.: +351 245 331 214
Closes on Mondays
Average Price: €25


José Júlio Vintém is the person in charge for this house, opened about 3 years ago about 3 Km away from Portalegre. To the quality products arriving from the S. Mamede mountain range, the chef has added creativity and a taste for experimentation. The wines cart counts with over 130 red wines and 30 white wines.
At dessert: Conventual Sweets and a lot more.


Mil Homens
Portagem - Marvão

Tel.: +351 245 993 122
Closes on Mondays
Average Price: €12


In this apparently simple and modest  you will find nice traditional food. To a nice service and a familiar environment, you will add a good cost-quality-quantity ratio. Nextdoor you will find “Aromas e Sabores” that will offer a large range of regional products.


Castelo de Vide

Praça D. Pedro V, 6 - Castelo de Vide
Tel.: +351 245 901 408
Closes on Sundays all day and Monday at Lunch
Averae Price: €20


The Italian name reveals as well the owners’ origin, who switched executive professions  for a quieter way of life..
In this restaurant, divided in two floors, you may taste several European cook dishes, such as ossobuco and Italian pastas among others.


A Bolota Castanha
Terrugem - Elvas

Quinta das Janelas Verdes - Terrugem - Elvas
Tel.: 268 657 401
Encerra domingo ao jantar e 2ª
Preço médio: €35


Almost 2 decades have past since when Júlia Vinagre decided to create his own restaurant and build a cathedral that would pride his great-grandmother, a cook at Tapada Real, in Vila Viçosa. In a well taken care of space, with a décor around acorn, Júlia Vinagre offers a creative kitchen.  You will have a hard time choosing among the Menu as there are so many suggestions that includes exquisite fish and meat dishes.


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